Haha hahaha hahaha. That's just me still laughing after all the fun Buzz & I had this morning. We had a special guest join us for a Facebook Live, and man, it was a crap ton of fun!

Who was it, you ask?

Well, it was none other then TruTv star Mary Winchenbach from the hit show Tirdy Works. And I'll tell you she did not disappoint. Mary continuously had both Buzz and I laughing throughout the video with her unique Tird items.

If you're unfamiliar with Mary, she is a local of Maine that goes around gathering up Moose Tirds and makes them into some of the most clever pieces of crap. We're talking, fecal people, poo poo clocks, #2 poo pencils, stool samples, and you can't leave out the poopsicles or, as she liked to call them, a high fiber fudgesicle.

For years there has been a common saying that there are people out there that can sell crap to anyone, and Mary is just that type of person!

Watch this must-see video with Mary below, but know that it's NSFW (not safe for work) LOL.

Thanks again, Mary, for coming in and making our morning the crappiest Friday we've ever had!


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