When it comes to dogs and water not all breeds want to get their paws wet yet there are some breeds you can count on to frolic in the surf and live to jump off the dock.

We'll take a look at some top picks when it comes to water dogs. So if a water dog is a must have for you, these breeds are my best bets.

In not particular order:

Chesapeake Bay Retriever-
Although they look like a Lab with a perm, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, or Chessies as they are known have a style and personality all their own. Originally bred to retrieve ducks in chilly water the Chessie is
built for the job and loves to be in the water.

English Setter -
Now when you think of any dog in the setter group you may naturally think field dog but the English Setter in particular is super fond of the water most find their happy place by a lake or some sort of body of water.

Portuguese Water Dog
When a dog has the word "water" in its name, that is a pretty solid sign that they are good to go when it comes time to get wet. Smart and eager to please the Portuguese water dog is a dog that is equally at home on the ocean or in the lake ready to help as they are known as the fishermen's friend.

Labrador Retriever
still the number one dog in the county as far as AKC registrations goes the lab is a household companion as well as a strong swimmer. I don't know if I have ever met a lab that didn't adore the water. From dock
dog events to retrieving ducks to ridding waves these guys will always be there for you .

The Newfoundland, or Newfie as they are called is a big dog, a gentle giant of a dog that has their roots soundly in the water as a water rescue dog. They have a strong ability to be quite the natural lifesaver.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
As its name suggests, the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever hales from Nova Scotia and was used as a duck retrieving dog as well as a lure to attack ducks within a range that was easier for hunters to get their duck. This is a medium sized dog that has a ton of energy and adores being in the water

The Otterhound was bred to hunt otters but mostly serves as wonderful family pets. These are large dogs and have a clown like attitude. Very strong swimmers most Otterhounds have webbed feet to help them with this task.

OK I can already hear you thinking..."a poodle"! Yes, Poodles are indeed true water dogs at heart and love to jump around at the beach, lake or pool. Even their name which is from German decent means to splash in water, so don't overlook these fancy fur babies for water fun.


These little dogs that came to America from Belgium don't seem like a natural fit for the water but they have been used on barges and ships for years as rodent control and they are quite keen swimmers as well.

Irish Setter

Yes, another gun dog that is equally at home in the field as in the water retrieving waterfowl. The Irish Setter has water genes from both sides of its lineage so they would make a fine choice for an active water dog.

Over the years I have owned both dogs that love the water and dogs that are not meant to play with water outside of their own water bowls. If there are some dogs that you have owned that have excelled in the water let me know so I can add them to the list.

Top 10 Water Dog Breeds

Top 10 Water Dog Breeds
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