If you know me, you know I dig dogs. I like spending time with both of my dogs so it’s natural that I wanted to take my dogs with me on my vacation trips. With a little pre-planning, you can work out most issues involved with having your pet along for the ride and vacation adventures.

It's important to be honest with yourself about including your pet on a vacation adventure, as some dogs do not travel well. Also, some dogs may simply be too aggressive to travel and be around strangers who you may encounter. So, first you want to make a fair and honest assessment that you are sure that they are not destructive and that they travel well.

Make sure you pack a bag for them including

  • Food/Water
  • Food/Water Bowls and hiking bowls
  • Dog Towel in case you go swimming, and any special
  • Leashes or Harnesses; you may use for hiking or swimming.
  • Old sheet to place over the couch and the bed to cut down on cleaning
  • Crate or Carrier: you never know when you may need it.
  • Toys: a necessity to to help ease stress and anxiety while traveling.
  • Medication: make sure you have enough for the trip
  • Health Certificate : Important to have on hand in case of a accident or emergency.

Several large hotel chains also allow dogs including red roof,Days inn, Travelodge, La Quinta, Marriott, and Motel 6. Make sure you call ahead to see if there any size limits on your dog and deposits necessary in order for them to stay.

A couple of great apps to have when traveling with your dogs or pets in general are:

  • Bring Fido –  browse hotels, restaurants, parks, a bunch of places that love dogs and welcome them.
  • Red Cross Pet First Aid – a great app to aid you in any problems you may run into on the road for until you can get to a vet.

Taking your dog on a trip has several benefits. It certainly saves on boarding, it allows you to have some bonding time, and allows you to have your pets along with you as part of the family. That should be a good start. Happy travels!

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