Seriously? I think I've heard of just about everything until last night. I am definitely one for making quick, easy meals that are tasty but when I'm on the run, it's kind of hard. I don't like fast food and it's hard to find something healthy quickly.  But THIS blew me away!

There is a pizza company called 'Let's Pizza' and they have been distributing vending machines throughout Europe and, especially, Italy. These vending machines make pizzas. Yes, you can get a piping hot pizza in under 3 minutes...and you can choose the toppings! Whether it be pepperoni or vegetarian, thanks to an infared oven, in 2 1/2 minutes a personal pizza will come your way.

The machines are equip to make 200 pizzas and each has four pizza options to choose from. The size? About 10.5". The price for each pizza? A mere $5.95. They are going to be in places like airports, hospitals, colleges, malls and gas stations.

Would YOU? Would you rather have a pizza from a machine or from a real pizzaria? I would rather place my order and have it made by human hands and delivered to my door. If I needed something quick I'd still stop into a pizza shop. Gum from a vending machine...okay. Pizza...not for me!