I'm a big reader.. I read medical journal reports, stock market index logs and more. It's really dumb the broad spectrum of things that interest me.

Welll, this morning I stumbled across a Huffington Post article that went in depth about what YOUR Christmas tree says about your personality and character. This is gonna be fun...

Do you top your tree with a star? Many people do! According to Phil Mutz at Little Things .com says that star-topper-people are strong moral leaders! Wow.. that makes me super-happy because WE put a star on our tree! Wait, it's actually my wife's star. Does that mean SHE is the strong moral leader? Friggin' probably..

Perhaps you're more of an angel-topper. If you are, it turns out that you're most likely very spiritual. Makes sense, right? According to the article, you are very good and taking care of other people!

A lot of people are guilty of this one... the fake tree! The 3 words used to describe 'you people' are practical, planner and organized. This makes perfect sense to me because I am NONE of those things and have a REAL tree. But we'll get to that soon enough!

I like to call this one the 'Griswold Tree' for obvious reasons. You might be the person that always ends up getting a tree that is WAY too big for the room in which you are putting it. That's okay, chainsaws are fun this time of year! If this describes you then you are ambitious, grand and unafraid! And, just like Clark Griswold said, you're gonna have the hap hap happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny ******* Kay!

We're all familiar with this one, right? It's the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! Not too big, not too... err, okay, probably too small. But that's okay! This tree describes you as quirky unique and optimistic. Though, I'm not really sure what you're optimistic about. Maybe that the tree will continue to grow? It won't. Never fear though because you're an independent thinker who's never afraid to show off your creativity even in the smallest of settings!

This one kind of describes me, too! A ton of lights! Is it really Christmas if you don't have your tree freighted down with 567 strings of the brightest, blinkiest LEDs? No, it's not! These trees describe their owners as outgoing, colorful and BOLD! Most likely you're a performer at heart, and just like your tree, your personality is bright,too!


No matter how you decorate your tree, you still celebrate the season the way YOU want to! We'd love to see some pictures of your trees this season. You can submit them right here through the new B98.5 app









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