When I was a kid we use to get real excited about putting together and launching model rockets. Mind you these mostly came in kit form and you could get them from any number of science stores, even radio shack had some back in the day.

Fast forward to today and the rockets that flew several hundred feet up and came down somewhere if you were lucky enough to ever find them again are mostly a thing of an era gone by. Today the newest rage is "Cubesats" short for cube satellite.

According to an article in centralmaine.com, cubesats are very light , weighing under 3 pounds and are now used as small research spacecraft. Pretty impressive right?

Five Winslow students got together and designed & created a cubsat as part of a team competing in the U.S.M. inaugural Cubesat Design Competition.

The cubesat they designed is destined to sail off catching solar wind and cruising by planets to collect data. Thats way. more impressive than anything we did as kids.

The group of five students has been meeting since April and are optimistic about the project.

CLICK HERE to follow along with the competition at the University of Southern Maine’s website.

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