It's been a cool August and I had the craving to make some soup. It's been a while since I have done a 'Cooking For Guys', so here is my take on minestrone soup. First though, 'Cooking For Guys' is cooking that is easy, borderline cooking, something that a 'guy' would do.

Photo by Andy Capwell

I have used the 'Bear Creek' chili mix before, which I really like a lot, do I gave their Minestrone Soup mix a try. The instructions say just add 8 cups of water an simmer for 15 minutes. I can do that, but I added some extra touches to it.

I browned up a pound of ground turkey, with some summer squash, and onions in a large frying pan.

Photo by Andy Capwell

In a large pot, I brought the 8 cups of water with soup mix to a boil and added a can of 'no salt added' diced tomatoes and reduced heat to a simmer.

About halfway through the simmering, I add the cooked turkey mix to it.

Top with some cheese and enjoy!