Cooking for Guys is a series of easy to make meals. Now that I am on the Mend A Body Solutions, I am definitely making the meals more healthy! I remembered my Mom use to make stuffed peppers. I thought, it doesn't sound to difficult, so I gave it a shot!I used green peppers this time and have since made them again with yellow peppers and I prefer the yellow stuffed peppers.

I sauteed ground turkey, onions and made brown whole grain rice. Seasoned it with black pepper and added a package of broccoli and cheese to the filling.

I cut the cap off the peppers and scooped out the inside and then added the ground turkey mixed with the rice and broccoli. I then added tomato sauce and covered the body of the pepper with the cap and baked at 375 for 40 minutes.

Here's the video of me making the stuffed peppers!