I came across an article on Littlethings.com about the benefits of sleepin in the buff.  Sans clothes.  In your birthday suit.  NAKED!  I read the benefits...and even though some seem legit, I can't bring myself to do it.

That's right...I sleep in jammies.  Lot's of jammies.  Usually, I wear socks, yoga pants, tank top & a long sleeve baggy shirt.  I call this, my cozies.  My husband calls it 'the chastity suit'.  He, on the other hand, does sleep au naturel.  How can people do this?

OK, let's break it down.  According to the article, you'll have the following benefits if you sleep nakey:

  1. You'll rest easy  (my butt!!  IF I sleep naked, I worry the kids will come in the bedroom.  What if there's an emergency?  A fire?)
  2. It's good for your 'nether regions'  (sounds like something my husband would say)
  3. Your partner will like it (sounds like something my husband would say)
  4. You'll rise & shine faster  (well, I can't agree or disagree with this)
  5. You'll drop a dress size (OK, now I might be interested...tell me more)
  6. It's more comfortable  (Hogwash)
  7. You'll get that glow (that what??  A glow?  It says that people who sleep nude tend to look better in the morning.  Well, that explains a lot about many people)
  8. It's a great stress reliever (sounds like something my husband would say, I'm beginning to think he wrote this.)

I guess, I just feel more comfortable with something (particularly cotton) touching my skin.



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