If you are looking for something that is outside, unique in nature, and reaks of Maine... look no further than Maine Lobster Boat Races. Yes, these are the ode to working lobsterman up n down the coast of Maine from June-August every summer.

Many towns tie it into other town festivals and really hype it. Some are quite low key with mainly locals checking it out. No matter what, this is an event like no other. If you get a chance to talk to some of the races before the even and ask them what they are running...they will mostly give you an answer that meets the general specs for their boat, but most will leave out the little extra tweaks that make the difference between just tooling around the waters and getting things done. Since these are also working commercial lobsterman there is also an incentive to get back into harbor and dock after a long day of hauling.

Oh sure, there are some people that take this to the extreme with boats that are built just for the racing purpose. A drive in from miles away to show off the goods.  You'll see those with the big engines bursting out of their decks. You know there is a lot of power there. But most of the entrants are actual commercial fishing vessels, work boats that happen to be wicked fast bub.

And what do the winners of these races get, a big prize purse? A new boat? Ah noooo. Prizes are more along the lines of some free bait, maybe some traps, restaurant gift certificate, maybe some tires from a local sponsor.

If you'd like to check out a race for yourself, you are in luck! Friendship is have their yearly lobster boat race this Sunday (7/19/20) the race starts at 10 am. Part of Muscongus Bay, this harbor offers a solid depth to race.One of the nice things about finding the races is Friendship has one way in  and one way out so its easy to find things. Here is a pro tip... Jameson Point on the north side of the harbor has many wharves and piers with float landings. The best viewing is from a boat but you can still watch onshore, or better yet toss in a few kayaks and enjoy a true slice of the real Maine!

CLICK HERE to get the full schedule for the rest of the summer.

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